The Royals have arrived

The Royals have arrived

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Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck is the chief of police in New York City. He is Patriarch of the Reagan clan, a multicultural family of policemen and policewomen. He was a US marine and a Vietnam Vet before joining the NYPD. A 9/11 first responder, he is also a widower whose son Joe was killed in the line of duty. Frank has three children Left Danny, Erin, and Jaime. Frank’s oldest son is Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) a hardnosed detective and Iraqi war vet who at times uses unconventional methods to apprehend suspects and solve cases. Frank’s only daughter Erin is an assistant district attorney. She is responsible for prosecuting many of Danny’s arrests. Erin is careful in making sure his arrests stick. The disagreements between the two of them are law verses morality makes good dialogue for the show. She is fresh out of prestigious law school but ferocious in the courtroom. Jamie is the youngest and “golden boy” of the clan. He gave up a bright future in law to follow in his family’s footsteps of policing. He is then asked to be a part of an investigation his father isn’t privy to.

Henry; Franks Father (Pop) by his great grandchildren is a former NYPD beat cop who rose through the ranks to police commissioner the position now occupied by his son frank. Their wives are deceased, Erin is divorced and she has one teenage daughter who lives with her. A family tradition of Sunday Dinner the entire family gets together to meet and discuss their week, including current cases or controversies presented in each episode. The grandchildren often have issues or problem they need the elders to weigh in on, sometimes the elders speak their peace without being asked. The facts surrounding Frank’s middle son’s murder get more and more mysteriously complicated as the show continues on. At the time of Joe’s death he was investigating a fraternal organization called the “Blue Templar” a ring of corrupt cops. Jamie picks up Jaime’s investigation, the FBI tries to recruit Jamie but Jamie decides to conduct his own covert investigation into his brother’s death.

Jaime’s poking around sets in motion an attempt to make on his life to try and stop him from snooping any further. He then discloses to the family about what he has been up to.  Erin and the Reagan family join together and help Jamie complete the “Blue Templar” investigation. After getting sufficient evidence to Obtain arrest warrants. Franks leads the team with Danny and Jamie to bust those involved. The corrupt cops are captured while having a secret meeting to divide stolen drug money. The group’s leader Sonny Malevsky (Michael T. Weiss) admits to killing Joe Reagan In the midst of all this Jamie loses his fiancée she grows impatient with him about how obsessed he was with solving Joe’s murder. She can’t take the risks he takes everyday being on the job. This show is GOOD! I never miss an episode. I keep up with all that is Blue Bloods at

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