Stunning Mother of the Bride Dresses

Stunning Mother of the Bride Dresses

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The bride is naturally the center of attention on the wedding day, but the mother of the bride often finds herself in the spotlight during the ceremony. That’s why it’s so important to take the time to find truly stunning mother of the bride dresses. Before shopping for mother of the bride dresses, look over these helpful tips mail order brides.

Mother of the Bride Dress Guidelines

It goes without saying that the mother of bride should never wear white, unless that is the express wish of bride. Her dress should also never try to imitate the cut or style of the bride’s dress. Nor should her dress try to draw attention away from the bride.

Mother of the bride dresses should follow the theme of the wedding and convey a feminine buy stately style. Her jewelry and accessories should match her outfit but also blend in with the overall theme of the bride and her attendants. Keeping these few guidelines in mind, the mother of the bride is free to choose appropriate colors and styles that she likes.

Traditionally, the bride’s mother chose her dress before the groom’s mother. But today, many families don’t follow formal wedding traditions. It is quite common for both mothers to choose their outfits together.

While mother of the bride dresses should be age appropriate, they shouldn’t downplay her natural beauty. If her dress is dowdy and matronly, it won’t reflect well on her daughter. The mother of the bride can dress stylishly and tastefully without compromising her personality.

Fresh Ideas for Mother of the Bride Dresses

Not that long ago, dresses suited for mothers of the bride were not nearly as stylish and flattering as they are today. Mothers are no longer expected to be in the background on the wedding day. Today’s styles are chic and cater to a vast cross section of mothers. For this, we can thank designers who understand that the bride’s mother needs to look as or more stunning than the bridesmaids do, yet in a stylish and age appropriate way.

For example, conventional mother of the bride dresses were not strapless or off the shoulder. But depending on body shape and comfort levels, this is perfectly acceptable today. The mother of the bride can always use a shawl or wrap for a bit more coverage and formality during the ceremony.

Mother of the Bride Dress Colors and Styles

The bride’s mother should be careful to keep the balance between fashion trends, glamour and color. Wearing a color that will draw too much attention is not suitable, however wearing a color that complements the mother of the bride’s skin tone while blending in with the wedding theme is perfect.

Unless otherwise specified by the bride, there are certain colors that should be avoided, like cream, white and black for instance. If these colors are incorporated, it’s best for them to take the form of a tasteful floral print or classic stripe.

The bride’s mother should be focused on elegance and style. So she needs to carefully evaluate her body shape and personal preferences before deciding which cut is best for her. There are cuts and styles that can enhance her best features while drawing attention away from other areas to make her feel confident and comfortable.

It is also prudent to remember that the bride’s mother is very busy on the wedding day. With this in mind, her outfit should be easy to move around in and be able to withstand the wear and tear of the day. Maintaining balance between fashion, comfort and style is crucial is she wants to look stunning from start to finish.

Current Mother of the Bride Trends

Today’s fashion caters to individual body shape, taste and style. The trends today lean toward custom sleeves, hemlines and other small details. A dress that’s personalized to fit her individual shape will be most flattering on a mother of the bride. Of course, the dress needs to be age appropriate. Necklines that plunge too deeply, for example, should be avoided.

Considering the Bride

Whichever outfit the mother of the bride has her eye on, it should pass approval with her daughter. As can be expected on the wedding day, the bride’s mother will receive a lot of attention, so she must choose her dress carefully and keep in mind her daughter’s tastes and preferences. The dress should be stylish and comfortable enough to stay pristine from the ceremony to the reception. One way to accomplish this is to choose a dress that is simple and classic, but fashionable. By choosing the right colors, styles and shapes, your mother of the bride dress will do you and your daughter justice on the big day.

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