Sexy ideas to get you new relationship off to a healthy start

Sexy ideas to get you new relationship off to a healthy start

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When you’ve got a new partner, it can be hard to keep your hands off each other and this can make for some seriously sexy fun. While passion is running high make the most of that sexual spark by trying out those erotic ideas you’ve always wanted to experience. Here are a few suggestions for some sexy ideas that you could try with a new partner.

Dressing up and role play

Role play in the bedroom is a great way to send the temperature soaring and you’ll get a real kick out of seeing your partner’s reaction too. There’s a huge range of kinky outfits and costumes you could try, as well as romantic lingerie or even fetishwear.

Tempt, tease and titillate your lover and drive them wild with desire by appearing in an outfit you know they’d love. You could pick a sexy little baby doll, a naughty nurse or even take charge with an erotic rubber number!

Do you feel like being a naughty secretary?

The range of outfits and underwear you could find to rev up the bedroom fun is endless so why stick to just one?



Being tied up is usually best left to a lover that you know and trust but there’s lots of other kinky bondage games you could still enjoy. If the thought of Mr Grey leaves you feeling distinctly damp further south, you could ask your lover to give you a good spanking.

There are all kinds of sexy spanking equipment designed to stimulate those nerve endings and take you to the point of no return. Opt for silky suede whips or soft leather paddles and you can experience a whole new world of eroticism. If you’re going to be spanked, being blindfolded at the same time can really help you to focus on those deliciously naughty sensations as well as making you feel completely at your lover’s mercy.

Just don’t forget the cooling body lotion for post-spanking relief!

Naughty knickers

There’s nothing more thrilling thank discovering your lover has some saucy underwear on when you’re out, heightening the anticipation of the moment when you have the chance to get your hands on them. Whether it’s crotchless knickers, fetish underwear or silky panties, giving your lover a glimpse of what lies in store for them later can be a great way to guarantee some mind-blowing sex.

Try crotchless panties, they are bound to raise the room temperature

Much more to choose from….

The above ideas are just a taster of what you could enjoy with a new partner so why not browse through the online sex store at Tempt Me Tease Me and find some ideas which really hit the mark?

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