Some Great Ideas to Send Dating Messages for the First Time

Some Great Ideas to Send Dating Messages for the First Time

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Sending your first dating message can be an agonizing experience. When faced with such a situation, your hands get moist and heart starts pounding, thinking what other the person will respond. Here are few simple tips that you can follow to send first dating message.

Tips for Sending Dating Messages

  • Start Conversation When You See him/her Online


These days, various online chatting apps and love dating apps have created a feature wherein you can see whether the person whom you want to text is online or not. Ensure that you send message when the other person is online.


This ensures instant revert from the other side. The feedback which you get is better if she is available online. Therefore, choose an appropriate time for sending your message when she/he is online. Doing it this way, the chances of getting an early response will increase.

  • Special Subject Line

If you’re writing an e-mail to that special someone, you should choose a special subject line for email. Catchy can get instant revert. This way, your message or email will be different from other boring messages in the inbox.

  • Magic of Humorous Words

We are not asking you to become a comedian, but you can start funny and crazy chats with her. Checkout her profile and start discussion in a humorous way. If you are not too good with jokes, check online and get some suggestions. If you are looking for dating in Kentucky, sign up with some most popular dating websites for finding a compatible match.

  • Keep It Simple

Your starting chat message should be to the point and straight nothing beyond that. It’s important that she doesn’t get any impression that you are desperate and have spent hell lot of time in preparing a message for her.

Try to ask normal questions and talk in a normal way, just like you talk to your friends. Don’t spend time in drafting a romantic message, there is lot more time for that if things go well, you can leave that for a later stage.

  • Talk About Interests

You can indulge in a conversation by talking about interests. It’s not important to talk about their interests only. You can talk about your interests and let him/her know about your ideas. However, make sure that you mention the hobbies and interests that are not weird to be shared. Ideally, you should discuss your common interests so that the other person also doesn’t get bored.

  • Nothing Vulgar

You should try to make the other person comfortable during the conversation. If you speak anything wrong due to which she gets uncomfortable, you may have to pay for that. Try to be choosy with the words and don’t say anything vulgar.

You should avoid talking about physical intimacy or sex. This can immediately put the other person away from you. Using “beautiful” is better than “sexy”. This will ensure a slow and steady step towards a long term relationship.

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