Five Things Men Expect from Female Escorts

Five Things Men Expect from Female Escorts

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For many women, becoming an escort is a fun and exciting way to enjoy the royal treatment from wealthy men. They enjoy shopping, fine dining, travel, and access to exclusive events in exchange for their companionship. If this lifestyle sounds appealing to you, there are a few things you should know about what men expect from female escorts.

  1. A well-maintained body. It is no secret that the escort industry is largely driven by appearance. The most successful escorts tend to look like models. They have a well-maintained body that is blemish free and fit and toned. Models London escort are expected to maintain their appearance at all times. This means you may need to stick to a specific diet and exercise routine to keep your body in shape for potential suitors.
  2. Personality. Being an escort is not just about your looks, it is also about your personality. Men are looking for the perfect companion for a night out. This means that you have the type of personality that engages well with errors and potentially with those they may introduce you to. A high-end escort should have a wealth of knowledge, be up on current events, and be quiet about her opinions.
  3. Designer clothes and appearance. How you present yourself says a lot about the type of escort you are. Men expect women to be adorned in high-end clothing typically with designer labels. You are also expected to have your hair and makeup done for any type of outing. Keep in mind that most men today prefer a more all-natural look and focus on those women who have natural beauty about them. Women can choose to use programs like Rent the Runway to help them gain access to designer clothes a fraction of the cost – and on short term basis. This allows you to always have the hottest trends without breaking the bank.
  4. Flexibility. As a paid companion, you are expected to have flexibility in the types of engagements you are willing to enjoy. Typically, men will discuss their wants and desires for the evening before scheduling a date. You will be expected to meet all of the points that were discussed when arranging your services.
  5. More than sex. Perhaps one of the biggest things that men expect from female escorts is something more than sex. It’s easy to think that it’s all about getting down and dirty, but the truth is that many of these men are looking for a woman they can talk to, enjoy an evening with, and yes enjoy some pleasure. Successful escorts are typically well-rounded. They have a variety of interests, they are able to maintain intelligent conversation, and they can provide a professional looking woman on the arm of an important person who needs a date to community or business functions.

Getting started as a female escort will require you to apply to some of the most prestigious agencies in the area. They will run a background check and collect information on you before determi

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