Dealing Premature Ejaculation With Care And Attention

Dealing Premature Ejaculation With Care And Attention

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One of the most common and frequented problems of modern men is premature ejaculation. Sad enough, there are men who wouldn’t want to talk of it, while some men don’t even know that they have the issue. It’s even more depressing to find that men do consider premature ejaculation as inexperience, but at the core, this is a real problem that needs attention and solution. Before you think of how to stop premature ejaculation, there are some essential facts you should know. Here are the details along with a few ideas that may help you.

Understand the concept

Many people do make fun of men who have this problem, which is the worst thing anyone can do. As a person undergoing such a problem, one thing you should do initially is acknowledge the issue and understand if you actually have the condition of premature ejaculation. In the basic terms, premature ejaculation is the condition where a man orgasms faster than expected and time is usually considered to be less than two minutes. As expected, this may leave your partner high and dry, because women usually take more time to reach their climax as compared to men. Once you have identified the problem, the next thing is to check the reasons.

Find the basic underlying reasons

One of the most common factors behind premature ejaculation is stress and depression. There are cases where a man may ejaculate earlier because of low esteem and confidence. There can many other reasons including fear of sexual performance, hurt feelings, lack of connect with the partner, inability to get right arousal and much more. Among the other factors, there is porn addiction, which may lead you to masturbate more frequently and have lesser erection times. Even though some of these problems may seem small, they often can have lost lasting impact on the overall mental state, and therefore, if you have been experiencing issues of premature ejaculation, do not ignore the same.

Seeking help

The only way to deal with the issue of premature ejaculation is seek help. There are many effective techniques that may help in overcoming the issue. Experts advise on using kegel exercises for the muscles, so that climax can be delayed for longer times. Using exercises for contracting the pubococcygeus muscle can help in dealing with the issue. Kegel exercises are often advised as a regular practice, along with other kind of techniques to beat stress and anxiety. Also, some men are just getting their masturbation times wrong, which is something you may want to learn again. Using climax delaying condoms and focusing on more foreplay are some of the common things that may be advised by experts and doctors.

If you think stress is the reason behind premature ejaculation, do not hesitate in seeking help from a psychiatrist. This is one condition that many men have experienced at some point in their lives, and you don’t want to mess with such a problem that may affect you in more ways than one.

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