Dating Website vs Dating App which One to Choose

Dating Website vs Dating App which One to Choose

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If you are reading this post then you fall in either of two scenarios below:

  • You have been single within the last couple of years and have become pro in operating dating websites and apps and have already written a thesis on how their algorithms work; or
  • You are the one who is yet to enter this industry and thinking if you should enter via an app or website.

Nonetheless, we have something for both for you! There is no doubt in the fact that there are more benefits of using apps instead of the websites because of several reasons. This technology based era believes in instant messaging and is not in a habit of replying late! Dating apps have increased the responsiveness and flexibility also. May be that it’s the reason that they are skyrocketing! Also, apps have added means of safety and security which helps in overall protection. We have discussed few parameters below covering the performance of both app and website. You can judge on those basis and make your own preference!

Interface of viewing potential matches

Dating apps show you match found by their algorithms one by one. So you are supposed to pass or play on the one on your screen before you can see another while the most popular dating websites gives you a complete page view where you have a freedom to look at the last one first!

Ease in operation

Dating apps are very easy to use. You just have to flick your finger and enjoy hours of entertainment. You can customize the view, apply filters and mute/unmute chatting options and visibility. On the other hand, dating websites can be a little more complicated as it contains lots of features and matching tools.

Opinion about going back to someone later

In dating apps, you move on simply! If you have swiped left and passed over on somebody then the apps generally don’t allow you to go back and see the list again. But dating websites allow you to swipe as long as you want! They do not have this limitation! So you need to make your choice!


Do you have a lot of time to spend? If yes, then you can spend it in exchanging emails with your potential matches but if you are fast forward and short of time then dating apps are for you! It is so easy to navigate on these apps and text while you are in queue, sitting idle, pumping gas or waiting for oven to prepare the dish for your guests!

Importance of location

Most of the dating apps activate your maps and it not only shows you the location of your match but also sends yours to him/her. So if you are not interested in sharing or getting locations and you seem it is undesirable then you can stick to websites!

Both apps and websites have their own benefits. You need to choose your trade-off and then select your media of interaction! Both apps and websites are overloaded with information that you can obsess over! So stop thinking and begin matching!

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