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I was checking up on some online sex stores to get some sex dolls for my clients and I noticed most sites don’t necessarily add the weight (apart from the height) of their sex doll to the description page of their products. So I thought what the hell,   of mine some weeks ago – Ovdoll and I noticed a page where they listed the heights of their sex dolls to make navigation easy if you have a specific height in mind. This practice of listing all the

A major consideration often overlooked when getting your sex doll is her weight. When checking your favorite online sex stores; OVDOLL, REALDOLL, MYSILICONELOVE and the others for picking your sex doll or checking the latest products, did you notice that a relationship exists between the weight and height of a sex doll as the taller she is, the heavier she becomes? OVDOLL makes the distinction clearer as there is a dedicated page on their site that categorized all the height into eight (8) making it easier to select a height and found its corresponding weight in their detailed products description page.

Using OVDOLL data as my primary evaluating tool, I noticed a direct relationship between the height and weight of sex dolls; an increase in one leads to an increase in the other. If you would be moving your doll a lot, you need to consider her weight. There’s really no point in being horny and trying to do some experimenting with different settings and locations, only for you to exact all the energy you reserved for some lovemaking session with your doll into moving it. It kills the vibe and certainly makes you tired. Manufacturers know this is a problem and have been making progress in reducing the weight of their products with significant success. OVDOLL for example now offers dolls with reduced weight compared to their predecessor which is a good thing.

Creating a balance between your doll height and weight is the key to enjoying her. If she’s too heavy for you, it’s going to be a serious turn-off, if she’s too light, she might be unrealistic. You should also consider your own height too, except you have a fantasy that involves experimenting with a doll that is taller or shorter than you with a very big difference, you have to create a balance between you and your doll.

As you can see I’ve been mentioning balance over and over again, balance it’s the key.

Now, wouldn’t it be nice to have something that you can have with you when getting a doll, a reference sheet of a sort that you can quickly consult to clear your doubt on an issue involving height?

Checking up various sex stores data on height and weight, a data cheat sheet was created. The data was scraped from four online sex stores: OVDOLL, REALDOLL, MYSILICONELOVE and REALLOVESEXDOLL

Height             Inches       Weight (pds)  Weight (Kg)

65-70cm          2ft 2in          <6.5lbs                <3kg        (Ovdoll, Realdoll, Mysiliconelove, Reallovesexdoll)

85-90cm          2ft 7in          <11.5lbs              <5kg        (Ovdoll, Realdoll, Mysiliconelove, Reallovesexdoll)

100-105cm     3ft 3in          26.5lbs                 12kg        (Ovdoll, Realdoll, Mysiliconelove, Reallovesexdoll)

120-125cm     4ft 4in          44lbs                    20kg        (Ovdoll, Realdoll, Mysiliconelove, Reallovesexdoll)

140-145cm     4ft 5in          50.7lbs                 23kg       (Ovdoll, Realdoll, Mysiliconelove, Reallovesexdoll)

155-160cm    5ft 2in          66lbs                     30kg      (Ovdoll, Realdoll, Mysiliconelove, Reallovesexdoll)

160-170cm    5ft 4in          83.7lbs                  38kg      (Ovdoll, Realdoll, Mysiliconelove, Reallovesexdoll)

So next time you are checking up on a physical sex store to get your love doll or surfing the web to get a new ovdoll, don’t forget to take your cheat sheet along with you.

P.S: As of the time of creating this data sheet, the data gleaned from the site (OVDOLL and the others) were accurate.

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