Are love and lust the same thing?

Are love and lust the same thing?

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Most of us know what love is and have felt it at some point in our lives. Whether it is our partner or even the people around us who care for us, we know that our feelings for them are strong. But in the context of a relationship we can get addicted to other feelings which are close to love. One particular feeling that can rival with love’s intensity is the feeling of lust where we desire someone sexually. Whilst the two feelings seem different from each other; how easy is it to confuse one with the other?

Intensity of feelings

The truth about lust is that it is a very overwhelming feeling; as strong as love can be. Lust can take over our emotions and make us do silly things; which is why a lot of people end up cheating on their partners only to regret it as soon as it has happened. Of course you don’t have to be in a relationship to feel lust; and that is why so many people these days decide to practice casual dating where they just hook-up with someone for the one night only. It’s not just men that do it neither; as women also have that lustful appetite within them too. This can be seen by looking at naughty dating websites and how popular they are getting. Check out this page here: and you will see what we mean. In fact more and more people are deciding to go down the road of lust than the road of love; but why is that?

Love hurts

That’s right; you know it’s true. The better love feels the more it hurts when we lose that person; and for a lot of us that is just too much to handle.When some people end a loving relationship they can spiral down towards sadness and long lasting depression; and those sort of breakups can take years to recover from. Actually for some of us it is the case that we will never forget and never quite get over it. This is what happens with strong feelings; they are very hard to control and they can take over us in a good and bad way; both with love and lust actually.

Lust is strong too

The truth is that lust and love can be equally strong. If it wasn’t then we would not end up doing silly things in the name of our sexual desires and we would be able to control it. Lust however seems more closely linked to our biological imperative which makes us want to reproduce. Whilst love will make us keep to the same partner, lust will not discriminate and it will make us want to have sex with as many people as possible. This is where the true difference lies; with love giving us restraint whilst lust makes us want to spread our wings. Those two feelings have a different purpose but in the context of a relationship lust can be as addictive as love. Once you know the difference you can appreciate that love is in fact quite different than love.

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